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Gretsch Pickups

Gretsch® Blacktop Filtertron Pickup Set~Chrome~G5400~Solderless Wiring~Brand New


Gretsch® Gold Bridge & Neck Humbucker Set~Rings & Mount Scews Included~Brand New


Gretsch Filtertron® Style Humbucker Pickups-6 String-Gold -*NEW*


Gretsch HS Filtertron Guitar NECK Pickup with Alnico Magnets - Chrome


Gretsch® Blacktop Filtertron Pickup Set~Chrome~G5400


TV Jones Brian Setzer Pickups + Gretsch Electromatic Harness w/Quick Connect


Gretsch Deltoluxe Acoustic Guitar Pickup


Gretsch Filtertron® Style Humbucker Pickups-6 String-Black -*NEW*


Gretsch® Blacktop Bridge Pickup Humbucker *USED* Plenty Of Lead! Comes As Seen!


Gretsch® Filtertron Neck Pickup~Nickel~4.5 K ohm~0062880100~W/Screws~Brand New


Gretsch® Blacktop Filtertron Pickup Set~Gold~G5400~Solderless Connect~Brand New


Gretsch Brian Setzer Hot Rod Filtertron Guitar Pickup 6120 Pat #2892371


Gretsch® Blacktop Filtertron Bass Bridge Pickup~CHRME~G5400~0096641000~Brand New


Gretsch® Silver Bezel Rings For Screw Through Pickup Mounting~TV Jones Etc.~New


Gretsch® Filtertron Bridge & Neck Pickup Set~Nickel~Bezels Included~Brand New


Gretsch DynaSonic Single-Coil Electric Guitar BRIDGE Pickup - GOLD


Gretsch® Deltoluxe Acoustic Magnetic Vintage Soundhole Pickup Model #922385900


Genuine Gretsch Pickup Mounting Ring "Bezel" for Filtertron - CLEAR SILVER




New Gretsch Deltoluxe Acoustic Guitar Soundhole Pickup


Gretsch® HiLo'Tron Bridge Pickup~0061564100~Silver Bezel Included~Brand New


Gretsch Deltoluxe Pickup


Vintage 1960's Gretsch Guitar Silver-Clear Filtertron Pickup Ring-Surround


Gretsch® Filtertron Neck Pickup~Nickel~7.6k~Ring/Screws~USA~G5135CVT~Brand New


Gretsch HS Filtertron Guitar BRIDGE Pickup with Alnico Magnets - GOLD


Gretsch Filtertron Electric Guitar PIckup in Gold


Gretsch HS Filtertron Guitar NECK Pickup with Alnico Magnets - GOLD


Gretsch Hilo'tron Chrome Bridge Guitar Pickup PN: 0061564100


Gretsch® HiLo'Tron Bridge & Neck Pickup Set~Silver Bezels Included~Brand New


Gretsch Filter'tron Nickel Neck Pickup For Bass Guitar PN: 0061003000


Gretsch® HS Filtertron Bridge Pickup~Gold~Mounting Screws~0062875100~Brand New


Two (2) Gretsch Electromatic Humbucking Bridge Pickup (Chrome) - Front / Rear


Gretsch® Filtertron Neck Pickup~GOLD~4.5 K ohm~With Screws~0062879100~Brand New


Fender Gretsch HS Filter'Tron Humbucker Bridge Electric Guitar Pickup Gold


used Gretsch Neck Pickup, Excellent Condition


Seymour Duncan Custom Shop Gretsch Filtertron HOT Bridge Pickup-Gold


1960s Gretsch Super'Tron Bridge Pickup Gold


Gretsch Deltoluxe Acoustic Soundhole Pickup Chrome with Tortoise 885978920600


Gretsch Filter'Tron Humbucker Electric Guitar Pickup Gold, Bridge 19839305503 OB


lot of 3 Gretsch Deltoluxe Acoustic Magnetic Vintage Soundhole Pickup #922385900