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Josef Stalin

1953 Czechoslovakia Postcard Josef Stalin Portrait in Uniform Cover


1948 Press Photo Josef Stalin figures prominently in oil panting. New York


1935 Press Photo Josef Stalin, Georgi Demitroff at World Congress of Comintern


Mint Postcard Josef Stalin Portrait Artist Color with Red Flag USSR Russia


New Postcard Josef Stalin at his Desk 70th Birthday Italy USSR Friendship Assoc


1935 Josef Stalin & "New Soviet Union" First Ever Meeting Vintage Photo


1961 Press Photo Josef Stalin Grave Kremlin Wall Moscow- RSA17217


1986 Press Photo Josef Stalin's daughter lived in this house in Wisconsin


1933 Moscow Russia Josef Stalin Celebrates Revolution Anniversary Press Photo


1941 Russia Premier Josef Stalin Watches As British Treaty Signed Press Photo


1951 Press Photo Premier Josef Stalin receives flowers from pupil, Ira Meinikova


1947 Press Photo Marshal Josef Stalin Premier of Soviet Union in the Kremlin


1949 Press Photo Marshall Josef Stalin As He Reviewed The May Day Parade


1961 Tomb of Josef Stalin Closed For Repairs Red Square Moscow Press Photo




1953 Press Photo Premier Josef Stalin Suffers from Hemorrhage of the Brain


1955 Press Photo of Josef Stalin and Nikolai A. Bulganin. - nee46151


1946 Moscow Soviet Premier Josef Stalin Balance Kid On Review Stand Press Photo


Josef Stalin 1952 The economic problems of socialism in the USSR book Soviet


Mint 1940 USSR SOviet Union Postcard Josef Stalin at party Event


1959 Press Photo Toasting talking Josef Stalin Nikita - RRV92049


Marshal Josef Stalin,Russian Communist Leader,Czech Vintage Postcard 1930's


1953 Press Photo London: Russian Prime Minister Josef Stalin - lrx31699


1943 Russia Soviet Communist Leader Marshal Josef Stalin Smiling Press Photo


1950 Press Photo Soviet Premier Josef Stalin Fake Vote in Election - nem48119


Joseph Josef Stalin CARDS! Unique Card Collection A


1953 Press Photo Soviet Premier Josef Stalin Ill in Russia - nem48121


1955 Press Photo Nikolai Bulganin, Josef Stalin and Georgi Malenkov at ceremony


1950 Press Photo Supporters of Josef Stalin gathered in front of his portrait


1968 Press Photo Georgi Malenkov and Josef Stalin - mja88641


Soviet russian USSR medal plate Josef STALIN BASE METAL & ENAMEL WALL PLAQUE


1953 Press Photo The Kremlin where Premier Josef Stalin died on March 5th.


Soviet Union Russian Leader Premier Josef Stalin At Meeting Press Photo